SVA Service Award by SVA - Student Volunteer Army

Community Service - SVA (Student Volunteer Army)

We encourage all young men, regardless of their year level, to register for the SVA Service Award. This award recognises the positive contributions that young people throughout New Zealand make to their communities. In both 2019 and 2020 we were proud to acknowledge young men who had completed 500 hours of community service and will continue to do so as this milestone is reached.

Click here to create your SVA Service Award Profile and start logging your community service activity.

"If you're doing something to help other people and you're not doing it to make money then that's volunteering. Whether you're putting out cones at sports events, organising the school ball, caring for a sick whanau member, washing dogs at the SPCA, planting trees or picking up plastic rubbish at the beach you're making contribution to your community and that counts." - SVA website

Please note that involvement in service activities can be logged retrospectively.

The process for creating an account and logging service activities completed is explained in the short video below.

SVA Service Award Overview Video Student Volunteer Army