Violent Video Games What Every Parent Needs To Know With Lt Col Dave Grossman by Simon Osamoh

Violent Video Games: What Every Parent Needs To Know

"Screen time. One of the biggest struggles parents of school-age kids face. What’s worse, is video games, like FORTNITE, are both highly addictive and extremely violent. What are the social and emotional dangers of playing these games? I spent time with internationally renowned video game violence expert Lt Col Dave Grossman. He addresses the issues with violent video games and what we can do as parents to reduce the harm they have on our kids. Lt Col Dave Grossman is the author of several highly acclaimed books that include “Assassination Generation” and “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill”. In 2019, he attended the Whitehouse where he briefed the Vice President on the dangers and effects violent video games have on our youth."

From the 'Who I Became' vodcast with Simon Osamoh.