Year 9 and Year 10 Form Class Leaders 2021 by PNBHS

Year 9 and Year 10 Form Class Leaders

At assembly on Thursday our junior Form Class Leaders were announced.

Leadership at any level is not easy, but it can be a lot more difficult for junior school students, especially when trying to establish relationships with peers. As a result of the feedback provided by previous junior leaders, minor adjustments have been made this year to our junior student leaders' responsibilities.

Instead of dealing with negative behaviour, which is best left to the teacher, student leaders are encouraged to be the ‘exemplar’ of positive behaviour within their classroom environment. Those selected and appointed to these roles are responsible for providing support to the form teacher; being an ‘Up-Stander’ against bullying; welcoming new students, and providing friendship to those in need of a friend. In short, the Junior Form Class Leaders are ‘Character Ambassadors’ displaying the positive aspects of our schools’ values of courage, humility, pride, respect, industry and integrity.

This year the Year 9 and 10 Form Class teachers and their assigned Year 13 mentors worked together to select the Junior Form Class Leaders.

Congratulations to the young men who put themselves forward for selection for these roles and to those who have been selected:

Year 9 Form Class Leaders

Mehdi Ali Akbar

Ethan Ata

Nikhil Baine

Hamish Barnes

Monson Brown

Hunter Busbridge

Cullen Byrne

Liam Cook

Ruan Daniels

Matthew Davis

Charlie Ferguson

Alex Gordon

Max Hart

Harrison Hull

Boston Kaa

Jacob Lean

James Martin

Rakena Mohi

Santino Pekepo-Tevaga

Tommy Read

Eric Sojan

Riley Somerville

Joey Takiwa

Alec Taurua-McKay

Simon Ton

Blair Verry

Rory Watson

Jake Whitley

Jack Wilson

Ruben Woods

Year 10 Form Class Leaders

Tiwai Bellis

Jamie Bennett

Jack Bevin

Dre Cook-Nelio

Zinzan Deans-Emery

Oliver Duncan

Taylor Field

John Garrovillo

Hamiora Horua

Tyler Kokko

Caelen Lilburn

LaMonz Livingston

Jack Mabey

Blake Massicks

Tom McInnes

Ollie McShane

Leo Mwape

Buell Perkins

Jed Pettit-Court

Johnny Pratt

Kaden Richardson

Mareko Siliva

Connor Smith

Nehemiah Su’a

Basantha Subba

Taonga Takitimu-Laws

Jack Trotter

Nicholas Verry