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PNBHS/PNGHS Senior Production 2022

Three hour Sunday rehearsals are well underway for cast and band. The cast have learnt a large amount of the singing and dance already and we have two days of onstage blocking next week before we break till late January. Similarly, the band have played right through the show and are gaining a good knowledge of their parts. Many thanks to Kirsten Clark and Danielle Joe for driving this. 

Since the last newsletter, circumstances have forced us to move from a full orchestra to professional backing tracks supported by seven instruments. This is the system most frequently used by other shows. While it gives a great sound, it brings a whole new set of dynamics with tracks being far less flexible than a capable conductor such as we have had. However, we have been very fortunate to secure the services of Lottie Perry, who is experienced in this system with Act 3 Productions. She has been the Musical Director for Mamma Mia, Chicago and Legally Blonde in recent years and will lead us well.

Oklahoma ticket sales open on January 1st 2022 and are available at

Mrs Rachel Wenham has continued to build a strong lineup of Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors. We are most grateful to those who have come on board so far. If you would like to support youth theatre in what will be one of the top musical theatre events of 2022 in this region, please contact her at

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Legally Blonde

Some 30 of our Production Company were involved in many different aspects of this highly professional offering from A3P. It gives us great pleasure to be such a feeder to community theatre who gratefully recognise the attitude and skills our performers and Tech operators bring to their productions. We took a number of the Oklahoma! Company along to see LB, and as usual, the current director enjoyed the opportunity for a shot with most of our team involved.