Year 9 Reading Challenge 2021 by PNBHS

Year 9 Reading Challenge

Well done to the young men who successfully completed the Year 9 Reading Challenge and were recently presented with their certificates and had morning tea with the Rector.

Matty Leary, Jericho Roache and Nikhil Baine all completed the Bronze Award (a minimum of 15 books read), while Gray Lourie, Ramis Ali and Ho Rai Da Swarley reached the Silver Award, with a minimum of 30 books read.

Reading is a great habit to support academic achievement with a large body of research linking reading 'milage' (the number of hours spent reading) and academic success.  These young men are to be congratulated for their efforts throughout 2021.

Year 9 Reading Challenge 2021 — Image by: PNBHS