Hero photograph
Photo by Amy Gudgeon

Jump Jam Christchurch Competition

Amy Gudgeon —

What a massive weekend of Jump Jamming we had last Saturday. 7 teams competed in different categories throughout the day. The performances were full of enthusiasm, positivity and it was great seeing everyone shine on stage.

The two Junior teams, Prebbleton Jumpers and the Prebbleton Jammers, did very well with both receiving certificates for either presentation or technical execution. The Prebbleton Jammers also came fourth in a tough category of 14 teams. Congratulations to Lilly, Lucy, Amber, Tianna, Jasmine, Ayla, Indi, Ellie, Emme, Isabelle, Josh, Ethan, Mei, Saanvi, Amilee, Freya, Katie-Maree, Milla and Hannah. We must also mention Keiva who was too ill to perform on the day.

The Prebbleton Groovers were the first performers on stage in their Yr 4-8 Strictly category and they set the bar high, also achieving a couple of certificates including one for Sportsmanship. Great job and well done to Esther, Holly, Silvia, Hannah, Abbie, Sviendis, Kate, Lily and Grace.

The Prebbleton Pink Ladies did a great job coming third in their All Stars section. They brought high energy to the stage and performed fantastically on the day. Congratulations to Sarah, Nina, Alice P, Lucia, Sophie A-L, Alice C, Cooper-Rose, Sophie C, Rosie, Mia and Kate.

The Prebbleton Warriors team came 1st in the Open Boys category! The team performed ‘Logo Te Pate’. The boys owned the stage, giving a powerful and strong performance.

Congratulations to Jag, Kobie, Liam, Thomas, Gabe, Lachlan, Saga, Zanyu, Luke M, Daniel, and Sam.

The Year 7-8 novice girls team came 2nd in the Strictly section. They performed ‘The club can’t handle me’. The girls were full of energy, performing with big bold moves.

Well done to Olivia C, Olivia G, Emily, Amy, Sienna, Hannah, Grace G, and Jess.

The Dancing Kings and Queens performed in the top category of the night, the open Year 7-8 All Stars. This team was very strong on stage, performing with high energy and excellent timing. The All Stars section allows teams to incorporate formation changes and costumes into their routine, ‘Dancing Queen’. The team picked up excellence awards in every category and finished 4th on the night.

Congratulations to Freya, Charlotte, Ruby, Haylee, Hollie, Grace VP, Emma, Caitlin, Olive, Jacob, Jayden, James, CJ, and Kadin.