Hero photograph
Photo by Jo Schumacher

Board of Trustees

Kim Alexander —

News from our Board meeting held on 24 June.

This was the first meeting of the new board. We welcomed new members and had introductions (and took a new board photo!). Delys Brough was elected as the Board Chairperson - congratulations Delys. We did not go through all of the usual board meeting business, but instead focussed on board induction. We read and discussed the school's charter and strategic plan. We looked at the achievement targets for this year and the annual plan. Policies and policy reviews were explained. We read through a very long list of education acronyms - hopefully this didn't put anyone off being a board member! We discussed the governance role of boards of trustees. Simon Thompson will be on the Finance sub-group and Hamish Crombie will be on the Property sub-group.