Hero photograph
William Pike
Photo by Allison Williams

Inspirational Speaker - Wednesday 21st, 7pm

Alli Williams —

Students (Year 5-8) are welcome; they will earn a Curiosity Values Certificate if they attend.

William Pike is an inspirational kiwi who is on one hell of a journey - from losing his leg in a volcanic eruption, to starting a nationwide youth development programme, to recently mountaineering in Antarctica. It’s easy to see that William has an infectious enthusiasm for adventure, life and fun. His character and outlook on life are nicely summed up by the title of his popular autobiography, Every Day’s A Good Day. William is an accomplished inspirational speaker who doesn’t retell stories, he relives them. 

Ten years ago, William almost lost his life in a volcanic eruption on Mt. Ruapehu. Doctors noted William’s survival as a miracle. William’s passion for the outdoors, education and seeing life’s challenges as opportunities to try again have helped him overcome adversity more than once. William’s stories are wrapped with a relatable message that challenges audiences to step outside their comfort zone to be explorers in their world. Be prepared to relive this gripping, tear-jerking, and hilarious journey on the edge of your seat. 

As a 2015 Young New Zealander of the year finalist, 2017 Blake Leader Award recipient, 2019 Auckland University Distinguished Alumni Award Winner and a national role model – William is a leader and an achiever who resonates passion and success without limits. 

As well as inspiring adults, William is the inspiration behind the William Pike Challenge Award, a youth development programme with a vision to grow a world of explorers.  Since 2013 the programme has made a positive impact on thousands of youth and over 100 communities across the country.  

We are excited to be offering students in the Intermediate Hub the William Pike Challenge Award next year.  It is a structured, specialist programme designed to foster personal development, preparing young people to overcome challenges and achieve their personal best.  Through outdoor activities, community service and passion projects, experiences set a foundation for exponential growth in a child in terms of mindset, resilience, confidence and adaptability. All of this flows through to self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence which every child is going to need to thrive in the world that’s ahead for them.  If you are keen to hear more about the William Pike Challenge, come to our Hub Information Evening on Tuesday 27th August, 7-8pm in Manu Block.