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Team 3-4 News

Jodie Craig —

Team 3-4 has been learning across the curriculum by designing and making their own board games.

From the start of term 2, Team 3-4 has been busy designing and making games or board games. The children have produced some great work. They have been following the design process of researching, planning, making and evaluating to create the best game they can. 

The children started the process by researching different board games from the past and present.  They then formulated questions, to ask their friends and family, to find out which features  would be best to include in a game.  After combining their research and findings the children designed their own game.  This may have been a new invention, a combination of two or more existing games or an adaptation of a game.

After designing and planning their game the children had to consider what materials they would need to make it.  They realised some materials would be more appropriate than others.  

Our tamariki had great fun actually making the games.  They chose the best techniques and methods to construct them and produced some colourful and exciting end products.

The final step in the process was to play the game to evaluate whether they needed to make any changes to it.  Some decided their game was too complex whilst others thought it was too simple.  Some found their game took too long whilst others found theirs was too short.  Some found they  needed more resources, such as cards or money, whilst others found they had too many resources.

We hope you have great times playing the games with your children.