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LINC-ED - Going live in 2 weeks!

Allison Williams —

Parents will be able to login to LINC-ED from week 8 this term to access their child's digital report. Keep an eye out for information coming via an email on Monday 17th June.

As previously published...

Prebbleton School has been using our new SMS (Student Management System) since the beginning of the year and is enjoying the many new features it offers.

Teachers have begun to add content to students' pages.  You can expect to see posts each term - a snapshot of your child's progress and achievement in the curriculum area at any one time.  Assessment data has also been recorded on your child's digital report.  The number and/or type of assessment is determined by the child's year level.

The latest step on our LINC-ED journey has been the introduction of goals to show progress through curriculum levels.  Eventually, students will have goals in maths, writing and reading, however, as to complement our professional development focus, staff are learning about setting goals and monitoring progress in reading at this stage.

There are a number of reading goals on each curriculum level.  Many of these will sound familiar as they are similar to the lists, tick charts and/or learning outcomes that teachers and students already refer to as part of the classroom programmes.  While teachers will set goals, senior students may also select a goal that they would like to work on.

For example, a child in Year 5 may be working on a research topic in science.  The teacher could set the following reading goals to reflect the learning: 

  • Use a contents page, glossary and index to help locate information
  • Skim through a text to look at pages, titles, headings, pictures, etc. to check for relevance
  • Scan to find specific information in the text (Keywords, phrases, facts, etc.)

The child may also choose to set a goal related to their personal reading habits:

  • Read for pleasure as part of a regular homework routine

Sometimes it will be appropriate to link evidence to the goal when it has been met; this will be posted on the child's digital report, either by the teacher on the Literacy or Other Learning Areas pages or by the child on their Student Portfolio page (Year 5-8).

We are expecting to "go live" in week 8.  This means parents will have access to their child's digital reports on LINC-ED prior to Learning Conferences in week 10.

Keep an eye out for the email on Monday 17th June.