Group of children enjoying the playground by Monica Toretto

Family Works are pleased to announce the introduction of their latest programme, Incredible Years Autism.

Created for parents of young children on the autism spectrum and key adult figures in their lives, this 14 week programme aims to provide support, encouragement, confidence and skills.

Over the course of the 14 weeks, Margaret Whittington, of Family Works Invercargill says she can see the difference the programme is making. 

“I love taking the programme,” she says. “I can see the growth in the parents’ confidence in the way they talk far more positively about their children.” 

Incredible Years Autism is a group course for parents of children on the autism spectrum between the ages of 2 and 5. This is the first year this programme has been delivered in New Zealand and Invercargill is one of only seven places throughout New Zealand offering this. The programme is taken by trained facilitators and covers a number of strategies including social coaching, getting your child’s attention spotlight, the use of child directed play and visual prompts.

Incredible Years Autism is delivered at the Family Works site in Invercargill in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

For more information contact Margaret Whittington on 211 8240