by Mark Lorenzen

Home Learning from Lower Middle students

There has been some wonderful learning from home happening already!

Bradley completed the Lego challenge on the Lower Middle Team bingo board. Bradley has also been exercising with GoNoodle.

Charlie constructed a chocolate bunny and grassed area. 

Taylor from Room 10 has been busy this morning (27.03.20) having a lego challenge with his brothers. This is his creation: it's a warship.  

Boston from Room 9 drew and wrote about his butterfly picture.

Liam from Room 9 constructed an elf house. 

Azalea (Room 13) watched Frozen II, then wrote some words from the movie, put them into a sentence, followed by a picture on the window (in whiteboard marker).

Henry from Room 13 has designed something out of lego.

Several students from Room 10 completed a Quizizz on the Weekly Current Events quiz questions. 

William from Room 9 completed a Lego challenge.

Andre has been doing some school work. He has also been doing some gymnastics training each day. Andre's coaches have given them a programme and have set up challenges for the boys to do. Ben, Andre's coach is staying at the gym for the entire time with two other coaches. 

Capri from Room 10 has had fun today (27.03) building an Art Gallery to add to her collection. She also did some baking and colouring - all part of the fun on Friday 27th March!

Owen from Room 10 has been busy doing a variety of learning tasks which include a letter he's written to a future student, baking cupcakes (a Bingo card task) and some Maths homework.

Madison from Room 11 has been getting lots of exercise on her trampoline!

Charlie from Room 11 has been doing Maths by playing Monopoly with his brother Hunter from Room 18.

Madison from Room 8 has been baking using maths, measurement, fractions and sharing.

Maia (Room 23) and Kaiden (Room 17) have been working together using Disney Tiles to create words and put them together like scrabble. :)

Jadem has been building huts with his sister.

Amber from Room 13 has been doing Taekwondo Training with her dad, helping her mum bake, taste testing while baking and doing some Online Learning!

Charlie from Room 8 has been making some Autumn creations/Art using things from his garden!

Noah (Room 10) and Abby have been helping with the gardening!! Good physical activities around the house!

Jadem from Room 13 has been doing a lego challenge and helping in the garden.

Liam from Room 10 has been using his Chromebook to practise his writing using Google Docs. He has written about CoVid-19 and all the teddy bears that Mrs Kearns has at her house....Wow!

Rohaan from Room 8 has been doing a word search on Steps and held a Disco night with his sister!

Amy from Room 9 completed learning in her workbooks and created some very impressive art.

Louis has been baking lemon courgette muffins for the elves.

Ollie from Room 8 has been hut building, making patterns for maths, Story writing and exercising to GoNoodle!

Rubi from Room 13 has been making home made pizza, doing StepsWeb on the computer and carrying out a Science Experiment!

Taylor from Room 10 has been busy yesterday (30.03) doing worksheets, walking the dog and making some cookies and cupcakes.

Cooper from Room 8 and Nate from Room 7 have been doing home exercise, cooking and school work.

Today was hut building day for Taylor (Room 10) and his brothers. Boys built this hut this morning and made some comfy areas inside, bunkered down in there with some popcorn and their iPads to look at Epic and Prodigy.

Rubi from Room 13 wrote Instructions for her underwater volcano experiment.Bradley from Room 8 is in his blanket hut with his brother and cat.Tilly has made a house out of construction materials for the elves from The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Natalie from Room 11 has been learning to sew at home and is making a sparkly cushion. Natalie has also been doing Yoga at home with her dog.Ella from Room 11 has been doing an Inquiry project at home - learning about Turtles. Ella has also been doing some maths practise at home.

Jadem is enjoying the program Les Mills Combat on TV.

Capri from Room 10 has been doing Arts and Crafts, and reading and writing using Epic.

Jadem from Room 13 is enjoying the program Les Mills Combat on TV.Lucah has been designing a Dinosaur Park, Playing a fun game outside, having a Tea Party with his sister, doing Play Dough Work, planning a Pizza Night Menu. Thumbs Up from Lucah.William from Room 9 made some delicious biscuits for the Elves!Ethan from Room 9 is testing out his skills in the kitchen by making a banana cake! He also cooked breakfast for his family… eggs on toast and a berry smoothie! Ella from Room 11 has been creative, making monsters and animals with toilet rolls. Ella built herself a hut and set it up with a LEGO area for creating and a space to relax and watch TV.Azalea from Room 13 has been making sausage rolls for dinner, practising her spelling & doing worksheets. She has also been dancing & colouring in & watching movies.

Rohaan from Room 8 and his sister with coloured hairand Rohaans has been doing his maths. 

Leo from Room 8 has been busy making a lego creationand a cardboard museum.Tyler from Room 8 has been digging up carrots he grew for the Easter bunny!Rohaan from Room 8 has been washing the car and his sister!Owen from Room 10 wrote to his teacher Mr L. I hope you are keeping well, also Happy Easter! Yesterday on EasterSunday my dad did a Easter hunt for me, my big brother and my little brother. Sadly, I only found one but luckily it was the biggest one. My little brother found one and my biggest brother found eight but he gave us some... For the Bingo chart I did the one which says you need to make a house for the Elves but I needed some help.

Learning Remotely Update:Azalea from Room 13 entered a competition last week, with More FM. The theme was Under the Sea, so they had to draw/make/create something to match the theme...Azalea made this awesome Little Mermaid Under the Sea! Her mum helped her to trace the pictures, then she coloured them in, cut them out, stuck them to cut toilet rolls, put pipe cleaners through, and put them together in the box!!She spent most of the day on it, and it paid off, she won, and gets $50 to go towards arts and craft supplies!!Rubi from Room 13 has been doing some Easter Activities, an Easter Egg Hunt, Baking and Craft.Capri from Room 10 has already completed her story map for this term's storytelling focus! Top effort!