by Mark Lorenzen

Learning from Home Seniors

Here is what some of our Year 7 and 8 students have been doing while learning remotely.

Tiare (Room 21) and her whānau have been enjoying family time together. Tiare has been making sure she has a balance between schoolwork and spending quality time with those in her home bubble. She has been practicing her Maths number knowledge and Spelling. Well done for showing commitment to your learning Tiare, ka pai!

Maia (Room 23) and Kaiden (Room 17) have been working together using Disney Tiles to create words and put them together like scrabble. :)

Amy from Room 21 loves Art. The family crest has been voluntarily completed as part of her Reading tasks before we went into isolation. Her other sketches are her own choice as it is something that she loves doing and she enjoys giving herself a challenge.

Carlos and his family have been making Pikelets. Carlos has updated his Blog with pictures showing what they did. Great work Carlos and family - keep baking!

Zara has made herself some activities to link with the Harry Potter Book she is reading. Is anyone else reading Harry Potter Book #6?

Jenayde has been practicing her number knowledge by completing timed Prototecs.

LJ has been learning the guitar! Her Dad has been teaching her and she is enjoying learning Filipino songs and spending quality time together.

Devon has been busy baking today and also made Nachos for his family for dinner. He helped to entertain his younger sister Mia by building forts with her.

Reka usually attends Japanese school on a Saturday. She has created her own blog The daily life of Reka to improve her English and Japanese.

Oliver helped his younger brother Seb to learn his click words. They then had a game of Monopoly.

Jeremiah Room 22 - These rainy days have been hard so I decided to make a chocolate self saucing pudding. We have have just eaten it with some whipped cream on the side it was delicious!

LJ has been working hard on Prototec at home and achieved this certificate. 

Ritchie, from Room 21, has been learning in his onesie. It’s not every day you get to do this so he is taking the chance while he can. Ritchie’s Mum has emailed to say how proud she is of him for delving into learning.

Tiare, from Room 21, has been going out for daily walks to get fresh air. Her parents are proud of her for putting lots of effort into learning. Tiare was pushed out of her comfort zone when she went to the supermarket with her Mum. Due to the one in, one out guidelines Tiare waited outside the supermarket herself which she has never done before.

Carma, from Room 23, has been hard at work making hair scrunchies. We look forward to seeing how the scrunchies turn out! It looks like Chopper the dog is enjoying having Carma home for extra cuddles! Maia has continued blogging at home. Most recently she has written a great summary of Tandy’s Tantrums read by David Williams. Remember, you too can hear these stories for free by visiting the following link

Georgia has been working hard on her Maths and is continuing to make great progress. She achieved this certificate.

Archie has a passion and strength for Design. This is his most recent design of his dream scooter which he created using Google Draw.

Hayley has been busy creating her own game to play with her brother. She describes the game as being a mix of Monopoly, Trouble and Snakes & Ladders. Hayley has called her game ‘THE GAME”. She then posted a blog post about her game with a video - Ka pai Hayley!Stella has been filling in some time by practising her reading skills by visiting the Wonderopolis website. She read an article about Kinkajou and then created a text about them.

Laisa from Room 20 has been doing some reading and Chapter Chat - using the story, The Bone Tiki.

Micki has been doing a lot of Steps and Prototec so far. We have a few workbooks at home so is also doing extra Maths and English work. Today she ran nearly 3km as she is trying to keep fit for the football season. She has also been baking, doing gardening and housework to help me out. She has spent a lot of time playing with her pet rats (Maggie and Lulu) too.

Amani & Rosa have been enjoying doing some Art&Craft together in the garden. Amani made the family some pancakes which they loved.

Charlie has been working on a painting, here is her explanation: the characters are from something called bt21 in the middle is a character called van, the blue one is called koya, the white one is RJ the red one is tata, next is mang then the pink one is kookie, the brown one is shooky then chimmy. I had fun working on it.

Mrs J organised a fun hangout with Room 22 on Friday 3rd April!Charlie, Connor, Devon, Jeremiah, Shelby, Reka, Moana and LJ all participated. They caught up and shared their experiences and lots of laughs. Students shared some of their creativity by showing some of the things they had made. Connor even rode his cycle machine and showed some of histennis skills and his dog Diesel! Mrs J’s son James enjoyed the social interaction also, chatting away to everyone. It was wonderful to connect! 

Shelby has created this amazing piece in memory of her Aunty:

Here’s my artwork, my inspiration was my aunty. It’s her birthday this month and since she passed away I decided to draw a fairy on my calendar because she really liked fairies. 

Maia has been working hard in the kitchen and impressing everyone with her skills. She has been making delicious cinnamon scrolls courgette & corn fritters! Away from the kitchen, Maia has been busy doing work on her device such as Prototec and practicing her netball skills. Ritchie is continuing to train for his BMX Nationals which are now de to take place in October. He will continue to train over Winter. He has also been doing his Prototecs. 

Learning from Home Update- Seniors (Room 21)Stephen from Room 21 has been practising his sketching. He has drawn an eye and a Husky. What do you think?Trinity from Room 21 shared that her family had been doing fitness together. Exercising is always better when you have people to do it with. ara from Room 21 has been working on her Maths activities which involve BIDMAS. She made a poster to explain what each letter stands for.Micki from Room 21 has been doing some water colouring at home. She enjoys painting because she says it’s relaxing.Leandri has written a Blog post about her dog Nala.Jenayde from Room 21 has been making some brownies and has put the recipe on her Blog. She has also written out the instructions as well. Who else loves Brownies?Emma from Room 21 has been writing a character description about Snappy the Alligator. She has even created her own image of Snappy.Dean from Room 21 has been creating some Lego models. He has made a tank and a NASA rocket.Carlos from Room 21 went on a scavenger hunt with his family. He has a selection of things he had to find.Ashly has been practicing her drawing skills. She drew her favourite character called Multimouse, from Miraculous Ladybug. Hasn’t she done a great job!Amy from Room 21 found a photo of herself when she was younger. She decided to sketch the photo. Great detail Amy!For Room 21’s Google Meet we did “Terrific Hat Tuesday” to add a bit of fun to our Meet. Check out all the different hats.