by Mark Lorenzen

Learning from Home from Junior Students

Learning from home in the Junior Team. Well done to all these students!

The Junior students from Room 6 have also been busy learning at home. Pictured here are the following students...

Lexie who made a tree hut,

Oscar doing some Maths problem solving and skip counting,

Jamie who was helping at home by planting winter vegetables and also learnt how to read a map,

Declyn who has been solving problems on Prototec,

Sophie who has been practising her reading skills, 

Sebastian who had a home haircut, practised his uppercase handwriting formation and Maths where he circled the correct numbers, 

Maddie who helped to bake muffins at home, 

LJ who has been creating huts in his backyard,

Cruiz has been re-reading his reading book. 

Aarav from Room 7 has been busy doing some Art and Craft work at home.

Liku from Room 2 and Esava from Room 7 have been doing a variety of activities at home.

Henry re-read “Monkey’s Skateboard”. He acted it out and turned it into a little play with his toys. It was a lot of fun.

Willow is practicing Fur Elise on the keyboard.

Nyla is completing the Lego Challenge.

Maddie is practising her handwriting.

LJ is helping to tidy up the garden.

Harmony is having a go at Go Noodle with her brothers.

Cruiz is shadow drawing, making cinnamon pinwheels, making hundreds and thousands cake and completing a maths activity.

Jaxon is completing a NRL word search designed by Mum.

Macy has designed her own playground.

Lexie and her sister made inside huts today. 

Learning from home. Esava Rm 7 has been doing some maths online.

The following students are all from Room 6! Way to go!Willow made a dreamcatcher.Maddie enjoyed a craft day.LJ has been recording her reading in her reading log book. She has lots of teddies in her window. LJ achieved a Certificate from Prototec in a Basic Maths Challenge. What an amazing learner you are LJ. :)Jamie has been reading to his sister. He has been practising his click words by copying them and is experimenting with painting. :)Eloisa’s family has a new puppy called Arlo. He is so, so adorable!Declyn is working while his Mum is working. He is asking lots of questions about his Mum’s work. :)