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Aquatics Day
Photo by Noeline Burden

Aquatics Day

Noeline Burden —

Our annual aquatics afternoon at the pool serves several purposes. Not only does this event provide important information about the girls’ watersense and skills before heading off to camp, but it is also an opportunity for our more accomplished swimmers to compete for the Junior Swimming Cup. To top it off, after the assessments and team events, the girls get a chance to play, laugh and generally have fun and they surely did that in the leisure pool or hydroslide for the last half an hour.

Competitive Results:

Junior Champion: Ella McBride

Runner-Up: Jasmin Mihaka-George

3rd: Abby Newell

House Results:

4th: Pickering 159

3rd: Ballard 171 Ballard had no competitive swimmers but was top house for novelty events!

2nd: Dawson 297 A huge thanks to Jasmin for boosting this total

1st: Rae 494 They had Georgia, Abby & Ella swimming for them

A head start for Rae for the 2021 inter-house competition!

The combination of teachers working together and the students responding enthusiastically made for a fun, successful afternoon at Moana Pool.