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Year 9 Activity Week

Year 9 —

Read below for a recap on all the activities that Year 9 got up to last week.

On Day One we went to Otakou Marae, we travelled down the windy bay roads until we were welcomed onto the marae by the Tangata Whenua. We spent the day on rotations of games and different activities including, a tour of the marae, learning the new school haka and lots of fun games. After a fun jam packed day we were on our way back to school.

On Day Two of our activity week we had a day full of fun activities. We did Poi making, flax flower weaving. Abby did a rotation of us learning the haka and going through Ko te Whirika. And of course playing Ki o Rahi in the gym. A big Thank you to Whaea Cherie who helped organize this awesome day.

On Day Three of activity week we split into two groups - one went to Toitu in the morning, one in the afternoon. At the museum we did a scavenger hunt - like activity that lead us around all the different historic things and people in Otago. We then did a little bit of drama and costuming, about the experience of being on the Scottish ship to New Zealand.

Following our half day of market day preparation we put all that planning to use and we spent half the day in the foods room, making and preparing our products for sale. At lunchtime we held a market and sold our products to our friends. For the second half of the day, we did Mr Clark’s quiz.

Before we left for St Clair, we did a few of Ms Stanley-Brown’s team activities. We then walked to St Clair where we did a ‘flash mob’ of Ko Te Whirika. We then walked the last bit to St Clair’s salt water pool where we spent a couple of hours.

On our final day of activity week we had a Wearable Arts day. After a strenuous auction people gathered their materials and started making. We finished the day with a massive clean up (which was very much needed) and then our models hit the runway strutting their stuff in their creative outfits.

Thank you to Miss Browne and all the Queen's staff for making this week possible.