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Newsletter - Week 9 Term 2


Message from the Principal

by Pauline Jansen

Pauline Jansen - Acting Principal, Term 2

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Willow, Kate & Emma... or is it.... ???

What's been happening this term...

by Team Leaders

A snapshot of what is going on at school:

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Library News:

by Maree Silver-Hessey

Some information from Maree in the Library

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Literacy Expo

by Rebecca Taylor

Come and check out this exciting expo between June 24-28th. Various times this week we will have lots on display for you to look at in the hall.

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by Philippa Cope

See what is happening with our hardworking PTA team:

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Calendar of Events


by QP School

What is coming up:

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Community Notices

Community Notices:

by Rebecca Taylor

Events happening in and around our community:

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Messages from our Office Team!

Office Notices

by Admin Team

A couple of messages from your Office Team:

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Students Stepping Up:

by Rebecca Taylor

Who has been stepping up this term??

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