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Maui and the Goddess of Fire!!!

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By Erika Davies checked by Samantha Ashton

Long, long ago, Maui thought what would happen if there was no fire. So he put out all the fire from village to village all night long. 

When the villagers saw all the fire was gone they all asked a lot of questions like “how would we cook” and “how would we keep warm”.The villagers told Maui to go to the volcano to get more fire from Auntie Mahuika. Maui offered if anyone wanted to come with him to the hot volcano everyone said “No!” No one wanted to come with him to the volcano. So he set off by himself. 

On the way, some of the birds joined him on his journey. When they arrived he told the birds to stay there. So he set off into a little cave by the bottom of the hot fiery volcano. Next, he saw Auntie Mahuika. When he got in the cave he saw the nails of auntie Mahuika. Maui told Auntie Mahuika what happened and that the villagers sent him to get more fire from Auntie Mahuika. So Auntie Mahuika gave him one of her nails to Maui. 

Then Maui saw that the fire didn’t burn him, so naughty Maui dropped the flame into the water. Finally,he thought that the fire wouldn’t burn but it turned into ashes. Then Maui returned to Auntie Mahuika again and again getting nails of fire, always coming up with different excuses,until there was only one left! “No more Maui!” said Aunty Mahuika.

Then she threw the nail at Maui, but it didn’t hit Maui. It went in the kaikomako tree.

Then Maui snapped a few branches off the kaikomako tree and went back to the village. Maui told the villagers that the fire was hidden in the wood. He rubbed 2 pieces from the Kaikomako tree together each time faster and faster until the fire finally burst out.