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Garden to Table

Newsletter Notice —

Today Room 27 did our first session of Garden to Table. Our class split up into two groups. One group was picking the food from our school garden and the other group was cooking. Here is the menu.


Pear and Feijoa Fro Yo

Tangy Pumpkin Dip

When we made the Pear and Feijoa Fro Yo I could smell all the different smells of feijoa and yoghurt. When it was time to eat I tried everything. The smooth, Tangy Pumpkin Dip was not my favourite, but I really liked the Pear and Feijoa Fro Yo! It was the best cooking class ever! I love Garden To Table!

By Lydia

Lea from the QPS Office

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a tasting plate from the Garden to Table team this week. It was delicious! Complemented perfectly with crackers and carrot sticks as vessels, the Pumpkin Dip was smooth, creamy and full of flavour with the perfect hint of lemon dancing on my tongue.My sweet treat was Feijoa and Pear Fro-Yo. 

Surprisingly tart and tangy, every spoonful was a delight.

Thanks Garden to Table Team!


My First Garden To Table Session

Today at school we did Garden to Table, I was an awesome gardener! That meant I had to do fun tasks.

The tasks were: potato harvesters, tunnel house harvesting for the tomatoes, front garden weeding and more.

First, my job was as a tunnel house harvester. I got my gloves on and started picking tomatoes and tossing them into a blue bowl, but I didn’t really enjoy it so I asked if I could join the potato harvest. They said, “Yes!”.

I yanked the potato bush thing and found four medium potatoes! I found about 6-10 potatoes and 1 kumara.

I came back to Room 27 to see a glamorous set-up! On the menu were: crackers, carrot sticks, Tangy Pumpkin Dip and Feijoa and Pear Fro-yo.

The Fro-yo was a good combination of sweetness and sourness with some bitter chunks of something…mmm m m m m m m m.

The pumpkin dip was indescribably good! I could only hear compliments about the food.

The table was set up with flowers, (my favourite was a giant red one), and rosemary. There were also beautiful tablecloths which left me thinking, “What will we have next week?”

By Duncan Cox, Room 27