by Ang Gibson

Principals Message - 26 May 2023

Na mai ki o tātou whanau te kura tuatahi o tāhuna

Welcome to our Queenstown Primary School Families

The middle of Term 2 is always such a busy time as teachers continue to assess students and write reports, ice skating lessons for our junior students have started and our DOTs (Development of Talent) programmes continue. The mornings are becoming darker and the afternoons cooler. We live in this wonderful alpine environment and layering our clothing is absolutely necessary. Please ensure your child arrives at school from 8.30am when teachers are in their classrooms.

Today at our senior leadership team meeting we talked about students wearing beanies throughout the colder months. We encourage the students to wear a dark coloured (blue or black) beanie to match their uniform. We also discussed how teachers can request intervention and external support for students to address individual needs. It is vital that you maintain communication with your child’s teacher if you have concerns about their progress over time.

An attendance analysis has been completed by the MoE for our students. Interestingly, the data indicated overseas and national travel during term time is very high for our students compared with other schools in Central Otago. Please be aware that your child’s progress and achievement could be affected while absent from school. Providing daily opportunities for Reading, Writing and Maths while travelling would be helpful. Authentic opportunities could include calculating money to be spent for items, following recipes and cooking, and writing about their adventure. I hope this is helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ka kite koe i tera wiki

See you next week!

Fi Cavanagh