by Ang Gibson

Kiwi Visit

We are thrilled to share an adventure that two of our international students, Ethan and Mina from Room 5, embarked upon on Wednesday.

Accompanied by their English as a Second Language teacher, Sharon and our DP Mrs Lock, they visited the Queenstown Bird Life Park to glimpse our beloved national bird, the Kiwi along with many other birds.

Ethan and Mina searched for signs of the elusive Kiwi. With eyes wide open, they explored the park then, as if luck was on their side, Ethan and Mina spotted a Kiwi foraging amidst the foliage in the Kiwi house!

The Kiwi moved with surprising speed, darting through the undergrowth in search of its favourite food.

The encounter with the Kiwi was a true highlight for Ethan and Mina.

This outing not only provided Ethan and Mina with a remarkable experience but also served as an educational journey. They learned about the Kiwi's behaviour, its role as New Zealand's national symbol, and the importance of conservation efforts to protect these fascinating creatures.