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National Poetry Day

Reuben Hassell, Mana Waterhouse, Shanice Hishon, Isa Dobbins,, Heiana Maeva Ralaimihoatra, Latrell Tipene —

National Poetry Day was on Friday, August 24th 2018. As part of National Poetry Day, students in E2 and I2 wrote their own poems. The nation-wide poetry initiative Given Words provided five words from a poet's work which students had to first of all study and explore and finally incorporate into their own poems. The words were decrepit, cast, snow, window and nest. Here are a selection of their poems.



I stroll to the water-hole

Snow falls

A nest drops from a nearby pine tree

We cast our decrepit rods


Miniscule fish eat our bait

Pull them in

It’s early morning

The nest is mourning

Feed the newborn babies, that lost their mother to the crazy fox

Take a deep breath


A window of opportunity has arisen

Golden dappled light shines through the trees

A brand new day

Reuben Hassell

A Winter's Night in 1989

Nest the people sleeping at night.

Snow and ice rain down on a winter's night.

Wind blows the cat on one’s window.

People jolly for winters joy.

Decrepit trees blow by the road.

While joyful children roam in the snow.

Now darkness will cast another day.

Mana Waterhouse

Crack or Bang

Snow flaked above the skier,

Windows cracked with a cast

of a spell,

Nests huddle by a light or shadow,

Cold, rusty, brown windows are cast

across grounds that appear.

- Shanice Hishon

Neverending Gloom

Snow falls

Outside the window

Casting a gloomy spell

Upon the world

The decrepit aged man

Sits down in despair

Another depressing day

Lays ahead.

- Isa Dobbins

The Old Man

An old man stomps through the snow, on an cold winter day

He keeps on walking until suddenly…

He stops at an old decrepit house

He scans the area as he slips an odd shaped key out of his pocket

And into the keyhole

The door creaked open and he dashed right in

A few minutes later he peered through his window and then came out

With a cast on his arm and a nest in his other

He walked to the town and everyone judged him

They thought he was mean but what he did next shocked everybody

He went to the vet and told an odd story and came out and left

But without the nest

And went home.

Heiana Maeva Ralaimihoatra


I cast out my net.

Fast they go,

a fish shooting down, like an arrow

snow pours down as it tickles my nose.

I ran home, as I looked up and above ,

A decrepit nest by a crow

The wind blows

The nest falls,

The window breaks, her heart is crushed

the Mummy bird's claws

Slid on the wall

Searching for us.

- Latrell Tipene