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Passion Project - Riding for the Disabled

Rosa Jowsey —

On Sunday the 26th of August me and my sister Lucille went to where some pine trees were being logged on our farm, to collect the pine cones that were laying on the ground.

We filled 10 x 50 kg calf meal / horse feed etc bags. It was hard work. Our dad helped us get the bags across the fast flowing knee height creek and onto the back of the ute. Then we had to try get the dogs to cross, but they didn’t want to. So in the end I had to lift them over, and water ended up in my red-bands. 

My nana is buying four bags for $5 each, and my mum is putting the rest on the noticeboard. With the money, me and my sister are going to buy two bags of horse feed and donate them to the Riding for the Disabled horses, because they go hungry in the winter. I’m also going to use some of my own pocket money to buy apples and carrots for them as well.