Hero photograph
Photo by Ayla Standley

Pajama Day Sparks Student's Creativity

Ayla Standley —

I2 agreed that the best way to fund raise for their upcoming camp was to hold a school pajama day.

Students from around the school were allowed to wear their pajamas to school for one day. Each student who participated had to donate a gold coin, to go towards their camp.  and on top of all this, I2 also added a guess-the-number-of-lollies-in-the-jar competition, where one lucky student would go home with a jarful of lollies.

As I walked around the school photographing everyone who participated, It became clear to me that everyone knew that this was their time to shine.  Pajama days are rare at Raglan Area School, so everyone was keen to make the most of it. Brightly colored onesies were worn by a number of students throughout the school. There were lions and unicorns in the library,  and dragons and bears in the classrooms.  Some of the juniors decided to bring toys with them, while others brought headbands to add a spark of creativity.  

When I went to see how things were going in I2, I saw members of the class seated at tables, counting all the gold coins they had collected (check out the video). Teacher Whaea Gabrielle and her son Aari Glover, decided to support their classes event by wearing matching onesies. 

I2 managed to raise a good amount of money, and will likely be able to afford the costs of their school camp. Everyone could be seen having a great time, and I think they would happily do it a second time round.  

A note from the students in I2

I2 and the Year 5/6 students would like to thank you all for supporting our pyjama day to help us get to camp at the end of the year. We raised $232! (and congratulations to Matilda Hassell for guessing 101 lollies in the jar!!)