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Video by Hilary Elliot

Body Data in Mathematics

Hilary Elliot —

The students in M1 and M3 have been gathering body data to use in statistical investigations.

Students worked together to create a table of data containing a wide variety of body measurements, from height and arm span to foot length and stride length, and muscle fatigue measurements including time standing on one leg and peg squeezes in 30 seconds. They are now working in pairs to complete a comparison (multivariate) investigation, comparing the body and fatigue measurements of two different sub-populations within the data (e.g. boys/girls, Year9s/Year 10s). 

Following this, they will complete a relationship (bivariate) investigation, using the body and fatigue data to investigate relationships between measurements (e.g. height and arm span), inspired by the ideas of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' and his writings on human proportion.