Hero photograph
Photo by Hilary Elliot

Papamoa Soccer Tournament

Jade Camenzind-Clarke & Tilly Abrams —

On Sunday 26th of August, the Raglan Seastars U-10 travelled to Papamoa for a soccer tournament.

The Seastars had been there two times already. They won both of the tournaments and came back ready to claim their title to win three times in a row. Their first game was against Cambridge, their deadly rivals. Luckily, they beat Cambridge in the semifinals as it was a penalty shootout.

The Seastars made it into the finals! Their hearts were beating, they were determined to win it a third time in a row. They played their hardest but sadly they would have to put up with a second.

Overall, we were really pleased with the results! We would like to thank Marcus, our coach, and the parents who have made this happen.