Hero photograph
Photo by Hilary Elliot

Toby and Sking

Alaia Hewett —

Once upon a time living in a cave which was really a secret laboratory was an evil scientist that had black scruffy hair. He could see lots because he had big eyes. He was called Sking. A mile away lived a robot that the evil scientist had made. The robot’s name was Toby. He was very very handsome. He was kind.

One day the robot went for a walk to the moldy, old, dark castle. Remember the evil guy? He tested his experiments there. His brave robot did not know that. They used to be friends. Back to the castle. 

I am now going to tell you about the garden. Growing around dead trees with cobwebs were controlled vines. Do you want to know who controlled them? Yes? The evil scientist of course. The robot walked upstairs where he found the evil scientist. The robot ran fast. Blocking the door were the vines. Hurrying down stairs was the evil scientist. He was blocking the exit from the hall. 

Toby ran down the passage and tripped over a skeleton. He got up and climbed out a broken window. The robot pushed the vines into Sking. But instead of strangling Sking, they bent down and gave him a hug.

Time for plan B. The robot ran to get his plant killer kit and found the right one for vines. He poured the liquid on. “No!” yelled Sking. Toby called 111 on his hand.

Sking is now in prison. Toby met a girl robot. They have lots of babies.