Hero photograph
Photo by Hilary Elliot

Naughty Donald

Natalia Meek —

E1’s Funniest Quick write this week.... the criteria for this piece was: 15 mins, three sentence styles, 3rd person.

The kitten - cute, fluffy, and fierce - sipped on some milky cornflakes. She approached the T.V, and turned on the news. She saw Donald Trump arguing again. Powerfully, she phoned up her son.

“DONALD! Stop arguing! I’m your mother so listen! Don’t make me take your phone off you young man!” She snapped. Donald Trump gave a little moan, then finally said ‘Okay Mommy’ 

Fearing the worst, Donald Trump hid in his closet. He knew his mother could come over anytime and spank him. But, an idea struck his stupid brain. He would get his guards to permanently ban his mom! 

When the little kitten had finally made it to his mansion, the guards said - “Sorry, your not allowed in here anymore.” The fierce kitten spanked the guards. Viciously, the kitty pounced up the stairs and shot into Donald’s room. 

She was red with ANGER! Donald had panic all over his chubby face. NOW THE KITTY IS PRESIDENT, DON’T ASK….