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Vegetable Harvest

Global Living - Sustainability Project —

On Wednesday this week our first delivery of vegetables grown onsite at Rangi was delivered to support local women through Battered Women's Trust who are affiliated with Women's Refuge, Christchurch.

Two boxes of vegetables were hugely appreciated by the team at Battered Women's Trust who support women in our local community to live a life free from violence and abuse. The courgettes and runner beans will be used at two safe houses and passed onto individuals. Pumpkins are growing well and will be ready after the break. This week we established a compost heap and had a great session weeding. We would like to thank Ms Collins for donating a Hungry Bin. Next week 3kgs of worms will becoming residents onsite and by the end of May we will be selling bottles of nutrient rich worm wee to support Cool Earth. 

With cooler temperatures imminent, our class focus shifts to setting up a glasshouse at school. We would like to thank those who have supported this project already through donations, purchasing plants and botanical prints. When we meet our target of $2000 a glasshouse will be set up for the Year 7 and 9 students to use for hands on learning in Science, while supporting those in need in our local community. 

For further information and account details for donations, please email Jax Halliday halliday.j@rangiruru.school.nz