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Stephanie Barnett, Deputy Principal, Student Care and Development

What's been and what's coming up

Stephanie Barnett —

Thanks and Heads up

Parent Evenings
Again, our thanks for attending these evenings and taking the opportunity to engage with one another as well as with key staff. Our appreciation also goes to members of the PTA and to our catering staff for supporting the social aspect of these evenings.

Athletics and Swimming Sports
We thank those of you who supported these important, whole school events in our year by ensuring your daughter participated. We were delighted with the attitude of the girls in supporting each other and their clans.

Open Day – Friday 22 March
This is advance notice that school will start for students at 9am. Visitors will be on site between 11am-4pm.

PDPs (Personal Development Plans)
Tutors and your daughters will be completing these by the end of term.
and LPIs (Learning Progress Interviews)
These take place 4-8pm on Thursday 28 March and 1-3.00pm on Friday 5 April for Boarders. School will finish at 12.30pm on this last day of term.