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Radio Internships 2019

Mitchell Fulton —

Are you interested in interning with The Edge?

The Edge is New Zealand’s leading youth station, targeting a 18 – 39 year old
audience. Chances are, if you ask your students what radio station they listen to
most of them will say, The Edge.

As The Edge targets a younger market, we are always looking at innovative ways
to promote the brand to the local youth market and identify individuals who would be of value to the industry now and in the future.

In 2019, The Edge intern program is returning in collaboration with a group of
Canterbury Secondary Schools. This will be an extremely valuable exercise for
students who are seeking a career in media and also provide a platform to advertise certain things happening at your school.

The primary objective is for senior school students interested in a future in
broadcasting to kick start their career by becoming Edge interns.

We are searching for one or two students to represent your school in this internship. They are unpaid and call for a year long commitment.

As ‘The Edge Brand Champions’ they will gain valuable ‘industry’ knowledge and experience, all while taking on an ambassadorial role promoting Edge competitions in your school which could be beneficial for the rest of the students.

During the one year internship they will receive hands on experience planning and executing The Edge Interns promotions, on-air training and will voice their own ‘what’s on at our school’ commercials. At the end of the year, they will receive a reference which will be an excellent start to their CV and a possible ‘foot in the door’ should future employment opportunities arise.

It is very important that the right people are selected. This is why we are directly
approaching school Principals.

These students can be no shrinking violets! They need to be confident, outgoing and have the leadership skills and personality traits that inspire others and motivate fellow students to participate.

Throughout the year, there will be numerous opportunities for your school,
facilitated through your Interns, to gain significant profile on The Edge. As an
influential medium, this is essentially free advertising to tens of thousands of
students and parents in Canterbury.

We therefore seek your discretion in supporting those students in your schools who you believe will grab this opportunity and maximize the potential of the program not only for themselves, but their school.

Perhaps, you have some students who have indicated their interest in going into
the Broadcasting industry as a career path.

Perhaps the Head Boy or Girl could be one of your schools Interns as they have
already demonstrated the sorts of attributes that would make them effective in this role.

There will be an interview process for students you put forward to make sure we have chosen the right applicants. The students you have selected are not guaranteed a place in this programme prior to the interview process. If you could please advertise and then select a few outgoing and talkative applicants that we can then select from that would be fantastic.

Kind regards
Mitchell Fulton
The Edge Canterbury Brand Manager
MediaWorks Canterbury
03 377 3358