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Academic Achievement


Rangiora High School has a proud history of academic achievement. Our top scholars go on to further academic success at universities across New Zealand and the world.

In recent years, former top scholars have been invited back to school to speak at our academic prizegiving and graduation ceremonies to motivate and inspire our current students. With the support of our community, Rangiora High School is able to present a wide range of academic trophies and awards at its annual prizegiving and graduation ceremonies:

  • The Cartwright Trophy for General Excellence in Year 13 (awarded to the Dux of the School)
  • The Macintosh Cup for Proxime Accessit (Runner-up to the Dux)
  • Rangiora High School Prize for most outstanding Year 13 Māori student
  • The Lamb and Hayward Scholarship for Academic, Leadership, Service, Cultural or Sporting Achievement
  • The Cresswell Memorial Cup for Excellence in Year 13 Sciences
  • The Galloway Memorial Cup for Excellence in Year 13 Humanities
  • The Davis Cup - All round Academic and Sporting Excellence in Year 13
  • The Helmore Stewart Prize for most outstanding student studying Arts or Law at University
  • The J.F. and D.J.C. Moffat Scholarship for most outstanding boy and girl studying Science at University Academic Achievement
  • The Kersey Cup for an exceptional student beyond cohort or at tertiary level
  • The MainPower Prize for Year 13 Physics and Mathematics
  • The Spurr Cup for Environmental Education
  • The Allen Cup - Academic Excellence in Year 12
  • The PTA Trophy for all-round Academic and Sporting achievement in Year 12
  • The Rangiora High School Cup for all-round Achievement in Year 11
  • The Rangiora District Lioness Trophy for Extraordinary Effort & Achievement in Year 11
  • The G. C. Beattie Cup for Year 11 Science & Mathematics
  • The Cobden-Cox Cup for Senior Economics
  • First in Subject Awards, Distinction Awards, and Commendation Awards
  • Koru Trophy for Outstanding Commitment
  • Janene Brown Memorial Cup for Outstanding Special Needs Student
  • International Award for overall achievement in Year 11, 12, 13

 Trophies and cups are awarded in all Learning Areas in Year 13 as well as First in Subject Awards, Distinction and Commendation Awards at all levels.