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Welcome to Rangiora High School – your High School.
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School History


Rangiora High School was established in 1884 by its own Act of Parliament. More than 130 years later, the school maintains a proud tradition of providing quality education to the families of North Canterbury

From small beginnings the school roll increased substantially in the 1890s. During the twentieth century the school established a reputation for innovation and a progressive approach to education. Examples of this included the establishment of a School Council in 1921 to give pupils a role in school affairs, the establishment of the Nursery School in the late 1930s to provide pupils with practical experience at child care and the development of a school farm from the 1920s on. The school farm enables the school to offer a full range of agricultural courses. 

The school’s House structure operated from the 1930s to the 1970s and was re-established in 2005. The Court of Memories, which memorializes former students lost in war, reminds us of the depth of the school’s history.

 Many of the school’s trees were planted in the early years, including a magnificent Sequoia Wellingtonia planted in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee in 1887. 

The school’s roll grew significantly from the 1960s reflecting increased confidence of the community in the school and the population growth in the district. 

Today the school’s roll is around 1700 and is projected to grow over the next few years as the population of the Waimakariri District continues to increase rapidly