Our pastoral teams


Form teacher, Dean, Head of House, Guidance Counsellors make up your child's 'team'.

The Pastoral Team

Each of the six Houses is headed by a pastoral team comprising a Head of House and Dean of House. The pastoral teams are here to support you with any matter relating to your child’s progress and are always very keen to work together with parents and caregivers for positive outcomes. If you would like to make contact with your child’s pastoral team, for an appointment or for any general queries, please note their contact details as below.

For all email contact with your pastoral team, please note that their staff cypher should be attached to our high school email address. For example: wlv@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Hillary House

Head of House: Emma Gibson (GBE) ext: 2101

Email: gbe@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Dean of House - Kelby Hackler (HCK) ext: 2100

Email: hck@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Lydiard House

Head of House - Ian Johnson (JHI) ext: 2103

Email: jhi@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Dean of House - Jonathan Cowey (CWJ) ext: 2102

Email: cwj@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Mansfield House

Head of House: Robyn McGrath (MGR) ext: 2104

Email: mgr@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Dean of House: Shelley Taylor (TYS) ext: 2105

Email: tys@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Ngata House

Head of House: Vanessa Wilkins (WLV) ext: 2107

Email: wlv@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Dean of House: Tim Berg (BRT) ext: 2106

Email: brt@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Rutherford House

Head of House: Jonny Sim (SMJ) extn:2108

Email: smj@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Dean of House: Gillian Koster(KSG) ext: 2109

Email: ksg@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Sheppard House

Head of House: Keith Anderson (ADK) ext: 2111

Email: adk@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Dean of House: Mel Anderson (ADM) ext: 2110

Email: adm@rangiorahigh.school.nz

Guidance Counsellors

Full time counsellors: 

Rob Courtney              crr@rangiorahigh.school.nz          ext: 2625

Ute Hoffmann             hfu@rangiorahigh.school.nz          ext: 2214

Part time counsellors: 

Kate Gardiner (Mon/Tues)    grk@rangiorahigh.school.nz         ext:2210

Kay Henson (Wed - Fri)           hnk@rangiorahigh.school.nz        ext: 2210

Guidance Secretary:

Karina Keyes ext 2209