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Photo by Bridgitt Robinson

House Structure


Rangiora High School is a large school. To provide a greater sense of belonging the school is divided into six House groupings each of approximately 280 students and 30 staff. Houses also provide a basis for inter-house competition in sport and cultural activities. The six Houses are: Lydiard, Ngata, Mansfield, Rutherford, Sheppard and Hillary; all New Zealanders who have achieved distinction in their area

Strategic Leadership Team 

The Principal leads a team who work with the Head of Guidance, the Heads of House, the Deans and other guidance staff to provide a supportive and family-like atmosphere for students. 

Head of House and Dean of House 

Heads of House and Deans of House will work with the same students throughout their high school career. Over these five years they get to know the students very well and are frequently in contact with parents. They will encourage good academic achievement and good behaviour as well as establishing a sense of belonging for students.