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Photo by Julia Malcolm

Rob Courtney, Head of Guidance —

A word etched in the modern 'psyche', our well-being was again rocked by the Christchurch events of a couple of weeks ago and it is a strong reminder that our place on the planet is constantly challenged in a number of ways no matter one's age or level of experience.

For some, the stresses and emotions attached to the 2011 earthquakes returned; for others particularly those who were in close proximity to either Linwood or Hagley Park at the time, there is a grim reality that such an event did take place in NZ and it wasn't just another scene in some disaster movie.These times often increase workloads for many and here at Rangiora High School there has been no exception but ultimately and without minimizing these events, we need to focus on returning to a 'normality' as soon as possible. Sitting alongside this focus should be a display of caring that supports our own well-being and the well-being of those we love and cherish.By definition, personal well-being relates to how well you feel and how you are functioning. We can contribute to the well-being of others (negatively or positively).Consider taking the time to do a good deed (just because we can) and show someone how much you appreciate what they do for you.Small heart-felt acknowledgements can send a friend, a family member or a colleague a long way in a positive direction