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Targeted Programmes and Pastoral Care


The Head of Student Support coordinates programmes for students across the school. We offer comprehensive support for both the academically able as well as those students experiencing difficulty in reading and number skills - both very important as a foundation for all other learning. We aim for maximum achievement through the most inclusive approaches possible.

Learning Support

Through our Learning Centre, students are assessed and supported with programmes designed to make up for gaps in prior learning. Wherever possible, teachers provide material that meets individual needs within the context of class programmes. Some students receive specialised one-to-one programmes which are designed to meet very specific learning targets as rapidly as possible, with minimal absences from other classes. At times, in-class support from learning assistants will also be available. We offer a supportive peer tutoring programme designed to utilise the skills and talents of our older students.


Rangiora High School has a well established enhancement programme for junior students identified as having special abilities. The objective is to provide a programme which broadens the learning opportunities of these more able students.

Some Year 10 students are offered the chance to try some internally assessed NCEA achievement standards as well as providing enrichment activities.

In addition, support is offered for all students (Years 9-13) who would benefit from extension in a specific area of interest. There may be competitions or inter-school events where outstanding students can interact with others at a similar level, such as the annual University of Canterbury Colloquium. There is also the possibility of extended study: students in the past have gained credits in Astronomy with the Carter Observatory online course, for example. The school also offers a range of specialist programmes including an agricultural academy and an automotive academy with specialist trade training on-site.

The Lighthouse Programme / Mainstream Support 

Rangiora High School has a policy of inclusive education. The Head of Mainstream Support co-ordinates individualised programmes for OORS/ACC/SLS funded students through individual Education Plans. We aim for maximum achievement through the most inclusive approaches possible. The programme includes:

  • Inter Secondary School Special Olympics competitions and ribbon days
  • Gym and swimming programmes
  • Literacy and numeracy programmes
  • Individualised therapy programmes including speech. physio, occupational and music

As we have a policy of inclusive education, where appropriate, the students are mainstreamed into classes supported by learning assistants.