by RHS

The Senior Curriculum

A Curriculum Handbook detailing courses offered at Years 9 to 13 is published in addition to this prospectus. This handbook will be available from the beginning of Term 3 on the school’s website.

As students progress into the senior school there are a broad range of subjects to choose from. At year 11 a range of semester courses are offered as students study for Level 1 of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). It is compulsory to take some English or Te Reo Maori, and some Mathematics. 

At Year 12, students study mainly for Level 2 NCEA but also for other certificates on the National Qualifications Framework. There are no compulsory subjects at Level 2.

 At Year 13, students will study for Level 3 NCEA, which will provide entry to University. There are no compulsory subjects at Level 3.X

 Rangiora High School aims to give every student the broadest possible range of opportunities to study the subjects they wish to take.

 The school will make every effort to accommodate student choice but reserves the right to direct students into particular course selections where it deems that to be in the student’s interest. This will be done only after full consultation with the student and parents

Year 13 Outdoor Education class had a three day trip in Lyttelton Harbour as part of their Sea Kayaking Unit — Image by: RHS