by RHS


As a student of this school I have a right to expect that:

  •  I will be able to feel proud of my school.
  • Teachers and students will treat me, and my opinions, with respect and courtesy.
  • School facilities will be available and maintained in good working order.
  • The school grounds and buildings will be an environment in which I feel safe.
  • Student management will be consistently applied by all staff.
  • I will be able to learn in clean, well equipped classrooms, in a positive working environment under the supervision of trained, confident and qualified teachers.
  • Personal matters taken up with teachers or counsellors will be kept confidential within the requirements of all relevant legislation.
  • My personal property can be stored safely with the knowledge that it will not be tampered with.
  • My abilities will be recognised.
  • I will be treated fairly, no matter what my race, religion, sex or ability.

To achieve these expectations, all students must accept the following rules of good behaviour:

  • I will act in a manner that does not prevent or obstruct my own learning or the learning of other students in class.
  • I will attend all classes, arriving on time and with the correct books and equipment for the subject unless I have a signed note.
  • I will treat, and speak to, all students and teachers with courtesy and respect no matter what their sex, race, abilities, or values.
  • I will show respect for my own physical well-being and the well-being of others. • I will not bully or intimidate others.
  • I will take care of school property and I will take care of the environment.
  • I will wear the appropriate school uniform correctly, at school and to and from school.
  • I will remain on school grounds during school time, or follow the correct procedures.
  • At all times in this school, I am responsible for my own behaviour.
  • I am expected to make sensible choices which take into account the rights and expectations of others.
  • At no time will I act in any way that brings the school into disrepute.