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How can you avoid "Overindulgence" of your children?

Clare Goodman —

This fun 6-week course will show you how.

We're living in an age of overindulgence where marketing and societal pressures (among many others) are playing havoc with our intentions for parenting our children. How do we stay in the middle of the road, bringing children up to be confident (rather than arrogant), and feel valued (rather than entitled)?

"How much is enough?" is the course for you wherever you’re at in your parenting journey.

Join me for 6 evenings in my Korokoro lounge as I complete my facilitation training for this incredibly effective and eye-opening course, asking only a $25 payment for each attendee to cover printing and supper costs! Places limited so get in touch now. Starting Wednesday 20th October 7-9pm for 6 almost-consecutive weeks. Relevant for all ages of children.

www.sarahagbest.global. Arohanui, Sarah Best