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Photo by Katie Musk

Further update - Board and Camp Donations

Katie Musk —

Sincere thanks to parents who processed payments last week against their board and camp donation pledges.

It was heartwarming to see the response following last week's BT article which displayed the big gap between pledges made for the 2021 school year and actual funds received to date.  Please see below graphs which show the progress made this week. 

We still have a way to go!! 

Remember that Board donations pay for our specialist teachers salaries, festivals, quality stationery and art supplies, kindergarten meals, resources in the woodwork and handwork rooms, class plays, teacher aid support for students, te reo puawai, eurythmy, C12 project presentations, the C10 play, school outings and other special character elements of our school that we all value so much.

Our annual budget is based around the donations parents have pledged for the year ahead.