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Lower School Staff 2023

Karyn Gray —

We are still working through some staffing and contractual matters. However I can confirm that the teaching staff for 2023 in the Lower School will be:

Class 1 - Fabiana Tato (and the Class 1 Transition Teacher, Jenn Causer)

Class 2 - Claire Folster

Class 3 - Purdy Biddle. Purdy will be teaching  four days a week and Jenn Causer will be teaching in Class 3 on a Friday. 

Class 4 - Nancy Fulford. Nancy will be teaching four days a week and Irene Cheung will be teaching in Class 3 on a Friday.

Class 5 - Tanya Zanetti

Class 6 - Louise Galpin

Class 7 - Geoff Heath

Tegan Anderson will also be teaching across the Lower School, providing the required release for each teacher.

Katie Brackenridge will continue as the Handwork Teacher and with the role of SENCO while Emily is on maternity leave.

Dorothea Pienaar will continue part time with music classes.

Nina Gude will continue part time with Eurythmy classes.

Karen Gault will continue part time with Te Reo classes.