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Photo by Clare Goodman

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Katie Musk —

Many schools offer the Duke of Edinburgh International Award to enhance the EOTC (education outside of the classroom) activities in the curriculum.  In past years, Raphael House students have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and we have had an Award Leader onsite.

After considering the current staff resource (award leader / administration), student interest and financial implications, we have decided, for now to withdraw from offering Duke of Edinburgh Awards directly through the school.  

As a school, we offer ample opportunities in the great outdoors as well as community volunteering experiences (C11) and farm experiences (C9), within our Waldorf curriculum.  

For those students who are part-way through the award programme or if there are students  interested in beginning their Bronze Award, it is possible to register directly with the Duke of Edinburgh Virtual Award Centre. Please click on HERE to find out more. Students can also register via community groups such as Surf Life Saving Clubs, Girl Guides, Cadets.