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Photo by Amelia Minogue

Senior Drama Finale for 2022

Amelia Minogue —

Last Thursday, our senior Drama students performed a series of monologues and duologues as their final assessed performance for the year.

With a supportive audience of friends and family, the talented 12 students took on the challenge of performing solo on stage for their final performance in the Drama curriculum at Raphael House. Each student needed to create a character, or base their monologue on an existing character, and write a script that they could perform in 5-10 minutes. After several weeks of rehearsals, the students took to the stage, performing their roles and revealing a fascinating range of characters between them. The performances from Bella, Paloma, Annamieke, Aria & Emanuel were strong and convincing, at times raw and emotional, and reflected some of the characters' innermost thoughts and feelings through clever use of techniques such as spoken thoughts and imagined conversations.

Our Class 11 students performed their duologues that they had learned and choreographed over the past few weeks, showing an impressive commitment to their roles. The two contrasting pieces each took the audience on a journey, with some thought provoking moments in Sophie and Simone's piece followed by great hilarity in the absurdist, final piece performed by Shanti and Matia. It was a wonderful end to an evening that took us all on a journey through the landscape of human experience. Congratulations to all of you on a very successful and entertaining year of Drama studies.