Paid Union Meetings

Karyn Gray —

NZEI - the Primary Teachers Union - have called their members to a paid Union meeting next week. 

We recognise that we have asked parents to keep students home on a number of occasions this year and really appreciate how supportive you have always been in managing this, sometimes at quite short notice. Therefore we have worked out ways to allow teachers to attend their Paid Union meeting without closing the school.

The majority of our primary teachers will be attending a Lower Hutt Paid Union Meeting on Tuesday 15 November.  All Lower School classes will be combined between 11.00 and 12.30 and a special programme run by the few teachers who are not union members, supported by our Learning Support Assistants. A couple of our teachers who are union members are also going to attend a different meeting so that we have an appropriate number of adults on site.

Please note this only affects the Lower School. A Paid Union Meeting affecting the Upper School staff - who belong to a different union - will be held in a couple of weeks and we will be looking to put a similar staffing situation in place.