Hero photograph
Photo by Katie Musk

Rangatahi from Class 9 and Class 10 visited the Dowse Art Gallery last week to view the SOLO exhibition

Katie Musk —

Much fun was had looking at a wide range of both 2D and 3D artworks. The classes visited several gallery spaces including Shane Cotton and Gabby O’Connor where rangatahi fully engaged in the artworks. They could Dance through the light reflections and drink it in. They had fun laying down on the floor to observe the colours and reflections in Gabby O’Connor’s large scale piece as well as getting up close with an artwork by Martin Awa Clarke Langdon where he invites visitors to step into wooden structures that contain earth. Through this playful intervention, rangatahi could see their feet/shoes/hands and even faces beamed before them in larger than life projections, encouraging them to consider the different but interconnected ways we find meaning in landscapes that reflect our identities. It was a wonderful opportunity to get out amongst local art spaces and enjoy learning outside the classroom.  

A huge thanks to Gabrielle for arranging the outings and to the staff that accompanied her and the classes on the day.