Hero photograph
Photo by Clare Goodman

RH Hockey Fundraising Workforce

Irene Cheung —

Both our Upper School Girls and Boys tournaments were cancelled last year, however our fundraising endeavours were not wasted.

Money raised last year has helped to set us up for a good lead into paying for our tourney costs per player this year.  But we are still super keen to keep raising money to get these costs even lower.  

So we are launching an even bigger and stronger workforce team made up of both our girls and boys players to help you with jobs in and around your whare.

Do you have any jobs around your whare or property needing some brute force or gentle care? Then we have the team for you.

Any jobs will be considered including:

  • wood splitting
  • firewood stacking
  • property maintenance
  • house cleaning
  • child minding
  • garden weeding

Call Karsten - 021 186 0471 or  Billy - 020 4165 1070  to sort out a solution to your home or property maintenance needs.