by Karyn Gray

Introducing Alice

Kindergarten- Relief Teacher

My name is Alice, and I’ve been teaching at Raphael House Kindergarten for the last five years. 

My first day at this kindergarten was many years ago though, as I first walked through the doors as a shy four year old starting my journey through the school from kindergarten to graduating from class 12 as an 18 year old. 

I then said goodbye for a number of years, but found myself back in the kindergarten as a teacher’s assistant while studying for my Graduate Diploma in teaching (ECE). 

I returned to the kindergarten a few years later as a parent, first with my daughter Lily (now class 5) and then my son Tai (now class 2) and it was a joy to watch them blossom over their two years at kindergarten. 

I was inspired to become part of the teaching team, slowly starting by doing teacher’s lunch breaks, then becoming one of the forest Friday teachers and now also stepping in to relieve in the classroom. I love my role because I get to know all the children in the kindergarten.

When I’m not teaching or being ‘mum’, I enjoy going for runs and mountain bike rides in the Belmont hills behind where I live.