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The Guys Inc
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The Guys Inc - Stationery Packs

The Guys Inc - Papanui High School —

We are a Year 12 business studies group from Papanui High School called The Guys Inc. As a group project, we are making stationery packs.

Our packs are filled with quality goods, from pens to pencils, rulers to erasers, sharpeners to schools books, our packs have everything your child could need for the school year. 

One of the main points of the project is that it needed to have a community focus. So for that reason we have decided to donate 25% of the profit made from every pack sold to City Mission's Back to School page which donates things like uniforms, shoes, stationery packs and other things like that to kids and families that can't afford it. 

We offer our packs to you for $7.99. If you were to buy our packs from any store it will cost you approximately $17. As you can see this is a great price and would be well worth your purchase! 

If you would like to donate to City Mission but don't want the pack, you can still buy a pack and give it back to us and we will donate the pack and profit to them. The Guys would be very thankful if you would consider purchasing our packs. All orders can be made through the Redwood School office, there is a sample of our packs there.