Hero photograph
Photo by Pauline Prescott

School Photo Orders

Pauline Prescott —

Class and group photos are on display in the office. Come in an collect an order envelope for: Kapahaka, Leaders, Librarians, Peer Mediators, Reddie Techs & Road Patrol photos.

Our class/group photos include the '50 years' logo in recognition of Redwood School's 50th Anniversary held earlier this year.

Photo orders close on Thursday 8 August. 

There are three options for payment:

  • Enclose correct cash in order envelope
  • Make cheques payable to Heritage Productions Ltd and add 25c cheque fee
  • Online to: Heritage Productions 01 0804 0003127 01

For online payments:

  • Particulars: School Name 
  • Code: Room + last 4 digits of ID photo
  • Reference: Surname
  • Please make a separate online payment for each order.  
  • Completed order form MUST be return to the school office if making online payment.  

Remember to keep the ID photo attached to the envelope.